For many years, Thomas|Horstemeyer attorneys and agents have provided for the protection of Intellectual Property in the field of Chemistry.  With multiple attorneys and agents with a Doctorate and other degrees in the field of chemistry, Thomas|Horstemeyer has a wealth of experience and capability in the field of chemistry.

From the most basic elements to the most complex compounds, chemical technology plays an indispensable part in almost every aspect of society.  Advances in chemical technology have had a significant impact on our daily lives, such as materials in our running shoes, textiles that cool, batteries in our phones and cars, nanotechnologies, pharmaceuticals that save lives, and many others.  Chemists are innovators who are meeting modern challenges with groundbreaking ideas.

The demand for greener, more effective, and more efficient products grows by the day, and companies, universities, and non-profit organizations at the forefront of chemical research are striving to satisfy that demand.  Innovators in chemical technologies have counted on Thomas|Horstemeyer to represent them since the firm was founded in 1996, helping them bring their discoveries securely to market. 

Our experience and depth of knowledge in the chemistry arts allow us to create Intellectual Property that ensures that innovators own their chemical innovations.  We enjoy sharing the excitement that the innovators have toward their chemical creations, and we work hard to prepare Patents and other Intellectual Property to protect an innovator’s chemical creations as if they were our own.