In today’s fast-moving business environment, certain intellectual property or confidential proprietary information can be protected as trade secrets.  However, it is critical that businesses take the requisite steps and precautions for their confidential information to be properly protected as a trade secret.

Trade secrets can include technical information, formulas, recipes, manufacturing processes, business strategies, customer information, and other types of company information.  Additionally, certain confidential or sensitive information that is related to a business can be protected as a trade secret even though it is not patented or copyrighted.  In today’s environment in which an increasing number of employees move from company to company, businesses should be aware of how to protect and recover their trade secrets if they are misappropriated by their employees.

The attorneys at Thomas|Horstemeyer can advise on the proper steps to take to protect their trade secrets as well as how to recover them if they are misappropriated by employees or competitors.  We also counsel clients who are facing trade secret misappropriation claims made by others.